Mario Remix

Mario Remix 1.0

Bundles together three Flash game inspired by the Mario universe
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The pack contains a scrolling shooter called Gradius, a classic Mario platformer: Super Mario World and an action-fighting game named Mega Man.

Mario Remix is a pack of three Mario games. This game was developed by Greg Vottero. It can be played online in several sites, but the author does not have one. It is distributed free by
"Super Mario World" is the classical Mario platform game. You must pass through several levels, crushing enemies by jumping on their heads, avoiding them to touch you, using elevators and ladders.
"Mega Man" is a fight game. You, controlling Mario, will have to fight with an opponent that you can choose from a list. Every opponent has some special powers. The game ends when the enemy defeats you.
Finally, "Gradius" is a horizontal scrolling space shoot’em up game, where Mario flies in space. He must shoot every enemy spaceship. This game is endless; no matter how many times you lose, you can keep playing.
In the three games, you can control Mario using the same keys: arrow keys to move, A for run and Z for jump or fire.
The three games include almost the same buttons: "Exit", that will exit the game to the game selection screen, "Boss" (not present in Mega Man), that will take you directly to the final stage of the game you are playing, and "Quality" that will let you cycle amongst the available levels of quality of the graphics for that game.

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